Five Things To Look For In A Dog Walker

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Your dog and their walker should like each other.

Look for someone whose behavior is warm and inviting. Affection for dogs is a must for anyone involved in their care, just as warmth toward children is a must for a nanny or a teacher. Dog walkers need to love dogs but of more importance is the dog loving them.

Contact Details

A dog walker should make sure they have as much information about the dog in order to know its likes, dislikes, and what to do in an emergency.


A dog walker needs to exhibit patience. Dogs and animals are smart and instinctual they will take your lead so its important to be patient and get to know each dogs personality.


A dog walker needs to be compassionate. If you get the sense that your dog walker is in it just for the money, say goodbye! You want someone that would do it for free if they could.

Have some fun

Dog walkers need to let loose and have some fun! At the end of a walk, both you and your dog should have a blast!


Even though most dog walkers are fun, light hearted and compassionate, only the exceptional ones have discipline.


Being an experienced dog walker is about training your dog to be a good walker and to understand commands.

Best Design Test and Tag Equipment

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In Australia Testing and Tagging of equipment has become vital in ensuring the safety of all employees. It is currently not legislated unless your company falls under the industry of construction, mining or demolition. Due to the harsh nature of these three industries, equipment should be tagged every 3 months. For all other industries, tagging is recommended every 6 months

An electrician is not required to perform testing and tagging of equipment. Someone who is considered a competent person is allowed to tag the equipment. Items that should be tested include any item that has a flexible cord that can be removed from the appliance and is also not a low voltage. 

An item that is tagged contains a coloured tag. The tag would contain such details as the date of testing, who tested the appliance, as well as the date for the next test. The test involves visually inspecting the item as well as using a test and tag machine.

We believe the best designed portable testing device on the market is the Seaward. It offers user friendly design, many useful features, as well as being battery powered and printer compatible

Sexiest man in Sydney Australia

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Without any doubt; the Sexiest man in Sydney, Australia is Jack Chapman. This 5-foot-5 hunk also played professional school tennis when he was 12 years old…

At the ripe old age of 42, Jack has most of his hair, pretty good dress sense and hardly ever has a stain on his t-shirts. Always sarcastic with a very dry sense of humour, Jack Chapman is at the top of the rankings for our own created list of the sexiest man in Sydney. Almost forgot – he is smart and handsome too.

Unfortunately ladies, Jack is already taken. Regrettably he would have to turn down any date requests.

As I continue to write about a great looking gentleman, I’m purposely using a variety of words to describe myself to rank high in search engines.
Jack is known to drive one of the smallest cars on the rode – the very sexy Suzuki Alto – to match with his image. He has been nominated numerous times as the winner of “The Attendance Award” at his weekly Poker games. Sometime he even wins at these games.

Our judges have tabulated the most important factors that go into nominating, voting, sexual health, and deciding who deserves the title of one incredibly sexy and talented man. These factors include confidence, glasses style, knowledge of poker odds, awesome tennis talent, and extreme behavior rarely seen.

Could he be the most handsome man in all of Sydney?