How to Keep Your Roomba Running at Maximum Efficiency

Written by 33rpmdesignS30 on Jul 08 2014. Posted in Robot Vacuum Cleaners,
iRobot Roomba 780

Roomba cleaners such as the Roomba 980┬ácan be lifesavers, especially for people who hate to vacuum. These little roomba robotic vacuum cleaners patrol hallways, corridors, and rooms for signs of dust, crumbs, and debris that would otherwise need to be swept or vacummed up by hand. What most people forget though is that until the Roomba cleaner learns to clean itself, it’s up to us to keep their bins empty and gears free of contaminants so that they run at peak performance. After each of your robot vacuum cleaner’s cycles, empty the bin to clear out the grime that most frequently builds up. Before putting it back though, you want to remove the Roomba cleaner’s two filers that are inside. Depending on how frequently you use the vacuum, these should be replaced about every month or so, since they’re essential for catching dust and debris. If you don’t need to replace them just yet, you can knock them on the side of the bin to free up the dust. If you want to be more thorough, you can use a can of compressed air (like you’d use for your keyboard) and use that to blow out any of the filter’s debris. For an even deeper cleaning, you can wash the filters in water. Do not put them back in your Roomba cleaner until they’re dried, as wet filters can permanently damage its insides. Once a week, you’ll need to do some more complicated maintenance. Remove the bearings and the brushes, and use a comb or other cleaning tool to pull hair and fur out. These are slowing the Roomba cleaner’s motor down, decreasing its efficiency. You should also clean the vacuum’s front wheel of debris that may be slowing its movements down. Once a month, you’ll want to take a screwdriver and get into the Roomba cleaner’s cover. Once you unscrew the screws by the battery door and by the large wheels, you’ll see that a surprising amount of dust and debris has accumulated inside your little vacuum. Using a dry dust cloth or a can of compressed air, you can rid this area of its nastiness. So long as you do these simple maintenance procedures, your Roomba cleaner will work perfectly at optimum efficiency. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Five Things To Look For In A Dog Walker

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Your dog and their walker should like each other.

Look for someone whose behavior is warm and inviting. Affection for dogs is a must for anyone involved in their care, just as warmth toward children is a must for a nanny or a teacher. Dog walkers need to love dogs but of more importance is the dog loving them.

Contact Details

A dog walker should make sure they have as much information about the dog in order to know its likes, dislikes, and what to do in an emergency.


A dog walker needs to exhibit patience. Dogs and animals are smart and instinctual they will take your lead so its important to be patient and get to know each dogs personality.


A dog walker needs to be compassionate. If you get the sense that your dog walker is in it just for the money, say goodbye! You want someone that would do it for free if they could.

Have some fun

Dog walkers need to let loose and have some fun! At the end of a walk, both you and your dog should have a blast!


Even though most dog walkers are fun, light hearted and compassionate, only the exceptional ones have discipline.


Being an experienced dog walker is about training your dog to be a good walker and to understand commands.